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Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 in review.

In the beginning, I got out of the hospital with a new appreciation and fear of life.

Accepted my own mortality for myself, but not those I love most.

Began the year as an only child. 

Found out someone I love very much is very ill.   Still hurt for them.

Was reminded of God's grace MANY times.

Watched my Blake grow into a stronger person.  (again, God's grace)  Watched him become more at peace.   This is priceless. 

My Jake went from being a 12yr old 7th grader to a 13yr old 8th grader.
Watched him grow, physically, emotionally... but still have the honor of tucking him into bed at night.  Many hugs for and from that kid.

Received a gift, my camera... important because I discovered another facet to myself.   A love of photography.  And, dare I say... an artistic side.

Was reminded many times how loved I am by my husband... can't count the dozens of roses he brought to my work/home, the small things, the big things he did throughout the year to let me know.    Fell deeper in love with my soul mate.   Poor feller will never be rid of me.

I found family.  My mother's son.  My brother.   He's pretty awesome.

Took a cruise. Saw some things.

We went on trips to Caddo lake in Texas.  I love it there. LOVE it.

I fished.  This makes my soul so very happy.   Only hunted once so far... (hope to remedy that Friday morning)

Saw Ryan get a letter saying he was accepted into nursing clinicals.   To say I was "proud" would be an understatement.

Watched our Relode age.  This is hard.  Love does hurt.

We went down to south LA (several times) and visited the family we love there.  The culture.  The life.   I'm not from there, but I always feel like I'm returning home.  I love my in-laws a ridiculous amount.  

I found more family.   I found my father, but was a month late.    And as sad as it was... I think the family that have opened their arms, minds and hearts to me ARE the reason my journey occurred WHEN and how it did.   I have a 98yr old grandmother.    Who told me she loved me.   And meant it.   I have a sister I text daily and a brother I speak to about weekly and aunts that are kind.   Especially one, she wraps herself into your heart and takes hold.  Blessings... all of them.

Saw my husband's heart break when he lost his Nana.   She was pioneer stock.  Period.   (once one a sexy leg contest and always wanted to marry a carpenter, facts we found out in our past visits to see loved those visits)

Watched my Mom struggle.   Her biggest fear is not death, but was always dialysis.  Saw this come to pass.    Also saw her accept and realize this is not the end of the world.   (also heard her cuss for the first time since I was a child... I'll blame the

And who can forget Bella.   A new baby.   Great spirit.  Too smart for her own good.  Wrapped my husband's heart around her little yellow eyes.   

I discovered I suck at painting.

Had a wonderful holiday season, kept things financially reasonable.  Enjoyed my family.

I stopped working out.  All Year.   But, recently, went to the fitness center and resumed a regime to begin again.  

I took pictures.  lots. 

Ended the year with 2 brothers and a sister, aunts, cousins and a grandmother.    What a difference a year (and the Internet) make!

Overall, 2010 was a better year for me, for us.    2008 and 2009 were brutal with my son's illnesses.   A mother's heart is fragile.   Very.  And I pray God is graceful when it comes to my loved one who is so ill.   And for my Mom.

But I am ready for 2011.   Bring it.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Past?

The other day I was loading pictures onto my external hard drive.   I'd taken a few of Jake in front of the Christmas tree at the La Boardwalk and went to file them under "Christmas" and create a 2010 file.   I'm looking and it hits me.... 2004... 2005... 2006... 2007... 2008...   Ummmm... What happened to 2009?   

It didn't happen... well not in 2009...  it didn't.   I was in the hospital for a while last year.   And spent Christmas there.   And was sick enough to not care that I was in the hospital for Christmas.     So we "celebrated" on Jan 2nd.   The day after I got out of the hospital. Obviously.. I'm always the one taking the pictures.  And that was not even a thought last year.   My husband cooked and did everything.   So our holiday was low key and simple and I'd never been more grateful to celebrate Christmas with my family. 

This year?    I'm healthy.  The boys are healthy.  I still have my Mom.    My husband is a good man.  God is good.

My mom is struggling and we'll have to have Christmas with her at the nursing home.    I wish I could bring her home, but she's just not stable enough at this point.   She fell last night.  She is on dialysis.  And she's not fully oriented.     I'd give anything to receive one of those quirky phone calls from her.  But, she can't figure out her new phone and it's rather simple.   But Christmas will be Christmas... whether it's at the nursing home... or on January 2nd. 

So, what's my point?  

Be grateful for every moment.  Every Christmas.  Remember.. its about the birth of Christ and spending time with your family.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Oh yeah... and Christmas 2010?   There will be pictures.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bella makes us proud parents

A very important part of training a dog for duck hunting.. is obviously.. will it naturally swim or retrieve.    A lot of it has to do with loyalty.  Does the pup loves the owner enough to go into frigid water to retrieve a stick?    More in the dynamics of course.   But I see this hunter and dog relationship as any other relationship...  it is based on trust.

We took Bella and Roxy to Bickham Dickson Park to play.   And see how Bella would respond to the cold water, retreiving, etc,...
By the way..  our Roxy... is a pretty sure there is a squirrel in EVERY tree.
Bella's fist retrieve from in the water.  
Swimming to her Daddy.   SOOOOOO proud of her!!!!   

Time to go kiddos: