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Friday, April 13, 2012


For the story, I'm about to tell.. you need to read this one:

So, I found these little metal vials, that held ashes.   And gave little Rex one with some of his Aunt Audrey's ashes in it.   It had a black velvet necklace to attach.     I had a few of them made with Mom's name on them (for her grandchildren, Jason, etc,... could have one as well.     Last summer I went to see Becky and gave her Rex's necklace and his baggie with some of his Aunt Audrey's ashes in them.   

Becky called me today.   She told me about Rex Easter egg hunting this past Easter Sunday.    All the kids had their baskets ready to rush the back yard, when Rex yells, "NOOOO!... Stop!  I have to go get something from my room!"    Becky said he ran to his room before anyone could say anything, so they had all the kids wait while they waited on Rex to return.     He came back into the room putting on his necklace with his Aunt Audrey's ashes.   Becky said, " Rex, what are you doing?"   And he replied," I'm taking Aunt Audrey to hunt Easter eggs!"

Becky said the adults got teary eyed and smiled.... they all loved my Mom.   Becky's kids think my Mom hung the moon (I'm pretty sure they're right about this).    And I just think of how much my Mom LOVED the holidays.  

I miss Mom as much today as I did a year ago.   This will never change.  And that's ok.   It's pain and love and happiness and sorrow all wrapped up.    I remember the exact way her hugs felt and her lips kissing my cheek as she told me she loved me.    The other day I passed a mirror and I saw her. I'm not seeing ghosts...   Just realize how much I am like her.     Earlier I did something and immediatly thought of her.. and Ron laughed and said "that's just like your mom would do...".      

There's not a doubt in my mind that Rex's Aunt Audrey was with him on Sunday...