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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jo Knows

That God is good.
That life goes on with or with out you, so get on board.
That my husband is my soul mate (no matter how much he denies this..ha)
That I am loved by a romantic alpha male who "thinks" of the little things.
That some of God's biggest blessings really are unanswered prayers.
That self-centered people don't get me. or anyone else for that matter.  ha.
That motherhood is my purpose.
That my sons control my heartbeat.
That a step mom can love someone else's kids as though they are her own.
That laughter really IS the best medicine.
That smiles are contagious.
That teaching others safe patient care is fulfilling.
That I am like my Mom... I smile at the sight of a baby... so does my Jake.
That my children are a gift, not a burden.
That some people are never happy.   And I don't "own" that.  They do.
That the past is just that... the past.   It is why you are where you are, but does
          NOT dictate where you're headed.
That some people aren't genuine.  But most are.
That if you want something, work for it. 
That I am a hoot ( I know this because I've been told so many times.. ha!)
That when your child is very ill, you'll never feel more powerless.
That when your child gets better, you never feel more grateful.
That the Serenity Prayer should be every one's motto.  Every one.
That "rinse and repeat" are excellent instructions, not just for shampoo.
That I love waking up everyday.
That God is good.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's a dog's life

A face that only a mother (and father) could love.
Meet Relode.  He's one of those once in a life time dogs.  Loves his Daddy more than anything.   He's a sweet heart... a true loving dog that obeys and is just happy to be in the same room as his Dad.

I call him "Big Sexy"
He's getting older... has severe arthritis in his hips.   Has a lil hop in his walk now from stiff hips.   (I feel his pain)   He can't hear so well anymore... (I can relate to this as well..ha) at night we flash the porch light to get his attention.    We take good care of our dogs... I think our vet bills exceed our doctor    So, in good faith, I know we've done everything to assure his good health.   Age is his enemy now.  (TOTALLY relate to THAT)
This is his new thing.... stretching out his back!   

Kinda looks like it feels good...  I think it's a "two-fer".. He get's a back scratchin' and stretches his joints.    (Looks much like his dad when he  Roxie is a bit curious when he does this too...

He's a good boy and shakes off the dry grass before coming inside... 

He's been on my mind alot lately... watching him get old isn't easy.   He use to stand at attention when he saw you wearing camoflage.... panting hard... and running back and forth to the door.

This morning when Ron and Ryan got ready to leave... Relode went to the utility room and laid down for a rest.   A true sign of his age.   Ron already planned to not hunt him this year anyway... but I have to say... it made me sad.   We LOVE our dogs.   They are our babies.   I tease my husband that he loves Relode more than me... he always jokes back.. that when I'm willing to fetch his ducks in 20 degree weather... he'll love me more. 
The dog can have it!  

See why I call him Big Sexy?   He was so strong and regal in his day.  This was in 2008...  

SO... it is sad to not see him eager to hunt even, but a relief all the same...   when his Ron dared go hunt without him, he sat at the door and whined for hours. ( I can relate to this as only I don't sit at the door and whine till he comes home...usually just go with him)

There is nothing more peaceful than sitting in a blind with my husband watching the sun rise, enjoying nature.. (Bet Relode can relate to me on this one)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Public Potty Etiquette

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1. If you try the door and it’s locked, assume I’m in here… I should not to have to say “Someone’s in here” during my private moment. So please… accept that it really is locked and in use. No need to keep trying to open it.

2. In a public multi-stall restroom, take a step back and look for feet under the stall before trying the door.

Go to fullsize image                                                                                                                                           3. If there are 3 stalls and I am in the 1st stall.... please go to the 3rd stall.   Leave a space between us!!!

 4. Wash your hands after. I’ve seen your feet and recognize you eating bread sticks in the restaurant with your not-so-fresh hands.

5. Please don’t allow your toddler to peek under the stall, it’s not cute. And they could be scarred for life by what they see.

6. Please have a trash bin close to the door for easy discarding of the paper towel I’ve used to open the door with.

7. The blow dry thing? Is only cute to a 4yr old. I want a paper towel to dry my hands with. I know... not very “green” of me. But, otherwise, how am I going to turn off the water faucet or open the door to exit the restroom?

8. Oh yeah… and the touchless paper towel dispensers? I must have incredibly teeny hands because the thing never recognizes their presence and I have to repeat the motion....I look like an amateur magician. And then when it DOES finally dispense, it’s about 6 inches of rough nonabsorbent brown paper (the kind we used in elementary school in the 70s)

9. And the lil paper seat covers? Don’t forget to punch the hole out before you set it on your seat, I’m not saying how I know this, but ummmmmm this can lead to a bigger mess.

10. Please hurry… I’m waiting for you to leave so when you flush (creating some noise) I can do my work…. Otherwise it will never happen.   My only hope is that you're not as paranoid as me about this and are trying to wait ME out.   I will win.   I will.

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Over, not under... OVER... NOT UNDER!!!
 11. Flush when you’re done. If you don’t like to touch the handle, do what I do… flush with your foot. Can’t remember the last time I actually touched a public toilet handle…

12. If it’s a unisex toilet, FELLOWS….PUT THE LID DOWN WHEN DONE!!! Just because you have to touch the seat to widen your target doesn’t mean I should have to touch it.

13. A pet peeve… TP not on the roll… I have this visual when I see this… of someone’s (unwashed) hand in the center of the cardboard roll ..... leaving bacteria to grow. Ack!

14. Another pet peeve – 1 ply paper. I’m trying to maintain my hygiene, well.... you get the picture.
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15. Or the stiff big roll that let’s you only tear off one sheet at a time. How can I create my catcher’s mitt of protection with single sheets?

16. Port-a-potties? No. If I am that desperate, then it’s time to leave whatever public event I’m attending.

17. And who’s sanitizing those drop-down baby changers?

18. I've never once used a sharpie on a bathroom stall to proclaim my undying love for another.

19. I'm glad I'm not a man...and have to use public urinals... I'd sooner wear a diaper than pee shoulder to shoulder next to a stranger.

20. Can you believe I have all these issues with public toilets?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gecko Invasion!!!

What's the deal?

I've seen more of these lil geckos this summer than ever!!!   A few in the house even.
I like the way the other one is poking his lil head out to see what the deal is...

The gecko really is tiny, I used the micro function on this one... you can tell how teeny just by comparing it to the ant next to it.

                                             They're creepy lil dudes. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

St Joseph's Cemetery

The St Joseph Cemetery was beautiful... very ornate monuments and well cared for.

 I visited St Joseph's when I visited the other historical cemeteries last month.
The Star Cemetery backs up to it. A stark difference in the level of care between the two cemeteries. But, Holy Trinity Church sees to the maintence of St Josephs... and it shows.

In about 1882 Holy Trinity Catholic Church bought ten-and-one-half acres for $210 to establish a Catholic

A large monument is dedicated to the five Catholic priests who died during the yellow fever epidemic of 1873

This cemetery is near the Main Post Office ... where greenwood Rd becomes Texas Avenue. At the time of it's original purchase it was "Texas Road"
Beautiful and historical grounds and monuments.

Monday, September 13, 2010

"I forgive you"

Mom & Me in 2000
My mom is ALL about Birthdays and holidays.   She called me three times this week telling me she was sending Jake his birthday card in the mail.   (a wee bit obsessive at times) Today, she called asking was Jake home or at his dad's house.

Me: He's home... I'm headed there now.
Mom: OK, his card should be in the mail today.   I hope it's in time.
Me: I'm sure it will be, It can't take 2 weeks for it to go 2 miles.
Mom: I want him to have it today for his birthday.
Me: Mom, Jake's birthday is on the 23rd.
Mom: I know.
Me: Today is the 13th.
Mom: Oh... I thought today was the 23rd!
Me: No Ma'am... (chuckling with her).
Mom: Ok...  well... I forgive you.
Me: You forgive me?
Mom: yes... I forgive you.
Me: For?
Mom: having him 10 days late...
Me: I love you.
Mom: I love you.  I gotta go (she was still chuckling at herself)

Mother's Day 2009

She makes me smile.   Much.    

I love it when she leaves a message for me to call her.     Then when I return her call, she asks ME what I want.    lol

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mom of the Year!

When I came home from work this past Tuesday... I was dawg tired.  The night before we came in from South La around 11pm.     I was feeling it.    Jake had a dental appt at 3 and then we went home.   Did I mention how tired I was?   It was my birthday and I only wanted one thing .. a NAP!

So, I got just that.   I let Jake to go ahead and go play at his friend's house. (normally he'd have to get homework done first, but a tired Mommy makes for a poor 8th grade math helper)

I woke up at 6pm.  Ordered pizza for dinner and called Jake to come home.  After eating, came homework time.

But now... Jake was whining...  "I don't feel good"   "My stomach hurts"
Me: Jake... you felt well enough to go play.
Jake: But, I really DO feel sick.
Me: Jake, do your work.  I'm serious.
Jake (in a high pitched whine):  But, my stomach hurts and I feel sick.  You don't even believe me.
Me: I'm done.  I'll be back when you stop complaining and are ready to get your work done.
(I make a semi-dramatic exit and pull the door with a bit of force... not slam though)   As I'm walking away I hear fluid spill, splash and gurgling noises, followed by, "Moooooooom!" 

Yup... he puked.   All over his bed, the textbook, the floor and a few minutes later in the hallway.

Mom of the year, I tell ya.  
(reminds me of the time I made him push a wheelbarrow with a broken arm...  but that's another story)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Shrimp & Petroleum Festival

Every Labor Day weekend, we go down to Morgan City where my husband is from.   Why Labor Day weekend?  The Shrimp & Petroleum Festival.    (and fortunately, it's also about the same time the redfish are biting...)

This year was the 75th anniversary of the Festival.    It is the oldest chartered festival in the State of Louisiana.  

It began in as a celebration of the shrimp industry.   And in 1967, they began celebrating the oil industry as well.  The Morgan City/Berwick area relies heavily on these two commerces.

One of the traditions (that date back over 70 years) is the blessing of the fleets.    The Father blesses them, for safe passage on the waters and pays homage to those fallen.

Jake enjoyed the rides

They KNOW how to party.  Big time.   There is music, a carnival, crafts fair, a parade, a firework show...  It's all one huge, long party.  

     Ron's Mom and our grandson Hayden
On a personal note, my in-laws have a ceramic store in Berwick (Berwick & Morgan City are much like Shreveport & Bossier... only seperated by a river).   So every year my mother and father-in-law have a booth at the festival.   She paints faces and they sale many Louisiana themed ceramics.
Jake flying high!
Hayden Paul...  said "This is the BEST Shrimp Festival EVER!!"     I have to agree with him.  We had a lot of fun!
A great Firework display on Sunday night!

Did I mention them Coonazzes know how to throw a party?   :)  See ya next year!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

'Til Death Do Us Part...

Or is it "til death DUE us part"... either way, we part.

Morbid topic, eh?  I don't mind.

A few years ago, my Mom told me that she had a "DNR" order on her chart.
"WHAT? You're on a walker... you aren't at death's door...  I don't get that!"
She explained, that when God called her, she was going home.   Changed my view on a few things.     Something I had to look at professionally and personally.   It is her RIGHT to not be "saved", is it not?  

I'll honor her wishes and she won't ever go on a ventilator or be electrocuted.   Because I love her and that's her wish.   

A year ago, she'd decided she wasn't going to go on dialysis when the time came.   I said... "Ok... I'll do whatever you want.   I didn't know you wanted to die though."   She says, " I don't want to die!!!"  (I'm a straight shooter.. obviously..)   I told her that death IS the alternative to dialysis.   She changed her mind and says she wants it when the time comes.  (But reminded me, no code)

This past week, she went into congestive heart failure.   A rough diagnosis, but even rougher if you're in chronic renal failure (and tetter on that line of getting dialysis).   So, yeah... this isn't a death sentence, but will ultimately mean a shorter life span for her.   

Mom is the greatest thing since sweet tea.  One day my heart will break in a million peices.    She only wants a memorial and insists on being cremated.  I'll comply.   But told her I'm not sticking her on a shelf.  I don't wanna be watching Idol then bust out crying because her ashtray catches my eye.   I'll spread them with her parents and sister (Shhhh!  Don't tell Forest Park).

So this makes me think of my own mortality.   And I 'm OK with dying.   My only concern with dying is leaving our kids and my husband.   But otherwise I'm ready and I've got some great "a priest, a monk and a Rabbi walk into a bar" jokes to tell God when I get there.   

I do have a few requests:
No thick make up.   Don't wear it now, don't want it then.
Don't put my hands on my belly.  I don't wanna look like Santa Clause.
         Place them at my sides please.
Only a quick memorial, no "funeral" .   That *** is depressing.
No "visitation" they charge for people to come look at my corpse (iffen  
         folks GOT to see me not breathin, do it at the quicky memorial thingy)
And unless, it's my husband or kids  don't allow folks to stick stuff in the box
         with me.   
My sons don't have to go to the memorial.  And no one is to judge them for it,
        cause I'm their Mom and I said they don't have to go!
Needs to be at 3:30pm.   No earlier.   (for my peeps)
Elisa has to sing.
Patricia has to cry out,"Awww lawd... Jo, what us gone do wit out you?!!"
My husband is to be inconsolable for weeks.  Then get the hell over it and go   
          blow the insurance money! (But not on expensive cigars and cheap
          strippers, I say go with the cheap cigars and expensive strippers... they
          have less stretch marks & more teeth...)
And.. when he remarrys (not a stripper, please)... she can have anything of
          mine buuuuuuuuuuuuut (and let me be real clear here....)

So... Did ya hear the one about..... a Priest, a Monk and a Rabbi go into a bar....?