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Sunday, April 24, 2011

I've gone GLOBAL baby... who knew?

       So, I'm looking at my blog today and I see a "Stats" tab.   I've not noticed this there before.  Is it new?  So I start exploring it... it lets you know your "audience".    LOL... I have an "audience".     Years of receiving a "D" in conduct finally pay off!!!   I honestly didn't know they gave above a "C" in conduct anyway.   I talked and joked... a lot.    And maybe flirted... maybe.  

The dark green in the majority of hits, the light green is a large number as well..
      Anyway... back to my "audience".   The stats let you know what country is viewing you.    Of course, most were from the United States.  USA!!! USA!!! (sorry.. had to give props to my country... ha)   I had several "hits" from the U.K.... You think maybe Prince Williams was making sure Ron and I was going to work out before he settled on Kate?  (Her majesty wouldn't know what to make of me... HA!)    Canada had several views too.   Hmmm,  well if the USA can't win it in the Olympics, I do cheer for the Canadian athletes.   Then came Japan.  Japan?   Yeah...I have a Japan audience.   Then Germany and Russia.   I do have a friend that lives in Germany.  Hi Suzanna! (if it's you)  Then the Philippines... I have many Filipino friends. (Hello my wonderful friends... miss you so much!)    But, I'm doubting they're checking my blog when they visit home.  Then there was Malaysia and Denmark.   Yep, Denmark.... and a few hits from way over there.   I had to google it to be sure where Denmark is located.    lol    And last.... was France.   I am sure these "hits" were an accident.   But it was interesting..   to learn I have an "audience" at all.   I always assume most reading this blog are from my Facebook.  I are wrong!   Of course, they may be all trying to give me a virus...  This could very well be a global conspiracy.   Hmmmm...

Well... my adoring (and no the stats didn't say anyone "adored" me...) audience... til next post...

bye!, 再見,  Tschüss, свободный от игры день, バイバイ,  au revoir
Peace out!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our trip to Eureka Springs

Day One
       Ron and I had nice drive up Hwy 71... The weather was beautiful.  I like traveling with my husband because he doesn't "race" to get there.  If I see a road side stand I want to look at, or an old church I want to photograph... He happily turns around. 

  Once we arrived in Eureka Springs, we had Bar-B-Que at a place called Bubba's across the street from the little cottage/gift shop that we check in at.   This was interesting.  There was a large family (if there is a large loud group of people or a baby crying, my husband and I WILL get seated next to them.  He thinks it's a conspiracy).   Notice how there is always one voice MUCH louder than the others?  Well... The dude had a mullet and his email was something along the lines of Captain Concrete.  He'd recently knocked some chic up, but she wasn't speaking to him because he lacked enthusiasm for the pregnancy.   Did I mention he was loud?   He was showing off his big bucks too... buying a round of french fries for the whole table.  Big Spender.

       The city was a bit sad to me.  The longer we were there and explored the downtown area, etc,.. the more disappointed I was.  This beautiful town had been oversold.  There was a hotel every five feet and where there was not a hotel, there was a sign letting you know there's a hotel in five feet.   The beautiful old architecture was cheesed up and there were signs everywhere.  The town has some wonderful history.   The restaurants were either open for Breakfast, lunch and or dinner.. but none for all three.  Nor was this clearly marked anywhere which shift it served a meal.   The shirtless guy on roller skates skating down main street with a huge rebel flag may have also influenced my views.   Some eclectic folks... one van looked like the space shuttle.  An El Camino that well.. I no words  explain.   

      We got our key, directions  and went to the Treehouse Cottage my husband had reserved for us.  It was so nice.  There was a beautiful leather king size bed, a heart shaped jacuzzi tube (sounds corny, but it was not).  Great scenery and big windows to see it out of.   My husband had chosen well.   I liked this place a lot.   We've stayed Bed & Breakfast places, at cabins in Texas, been in the luxury hotel rooms... but this was different.   We napped.  Then got up and went for a hike along the trail that led to a cave on the property.   Ummmmm.... The sign said a mile... what it didn't say was..."EACH WAY"!!!   Down hill a mile.. then back up.  O....M....G..... I am out of shape.   I had to stop and hold a tree up several times.   My husband was patient.  Once we made it back... (with a storm blowing in) we went to dinner.  That night was a lightening storm.  Added to the coziness in a strange way.

Day Two
        We got up real early to go fishing.  Did you know if you want REAL eggs you have to specify?  Or you'll get powdered... WTH?    Anyway... we ate our toast and powdered eggs and headed out to meet the guide.   It was windy and we did "ok" fishing... caught trout, wall-eye and white bass.  LOVED the scenery.   After fishing we went to see Beaver Lake and the mini Golden Gate bridge..  corny tourist stuff.   On our way back there was a bluff I wanted to photograph off of.  Ron pulled over and I stood there.  The wind had picked up and there were hawks flying off the edge.   You could see them using the wind to soar.   I took several pictures but was so caught up in the moment.... it wasn't easy to think of pictures.   It was beautiful.  Quiet, with only the sounds of the wind....  and the hawks kept going.  Probably about 6 of them in all dashing all around, over me sometimes, in front, from the left, from the right.   Beautiful.  

Then we went back to the cottage. Showered and napped (see the theme here... we are old... we sleep after everything we do)    Later, I set up the tripod and took pictures of some of the birds that visited the bird seed feeder on the back of the cabin.  

Day Three
       We slept in... well as late as a sky light and picture windows will let you. we explored the town some more, took a train ride to no where (seriously... we went 2.5 miles and it took an hour), went to Lake Leatherwood, some creeks,  Holiday Island.   Was a nice afternoon.   One disappointment.. we went to the Blue Spring Heritage Center.  They let us know that we could pay to go in but could not see the Blue Spring because of a wedding.  Huh?  We can't see the main attraction... the blue spring itself?   On a Saturday at 1 pm???    Pass!   So we went back to the cabin and napped (surprised?... didn't think so)

Over all... Eureka Springs, the town, wasn't so great, but the nature surrounding it was awesome.   We didn't go see The Passion Play.  But, I feel certain our Lord and Saviour wasn't crucified on a cross so that every gas station in Eureka Springs could sell a 5" plastic Jesus statue for $5.99.    (and no Tami.. I didn't get you a key

We headed home on Sunday.  We stopped in Fort Smith to see the court house where Isaac Parker (The Hanging Judge) presided.   I'm a nerd... I love historical stuff.  We stopped in Mena and had lunch on Queen Wilhelmina Mountian.   Came home from our trip happy, but exhausted.   I even cooked supper. (grilled cheese sandwiches..ha)

My husband planned this trip last August.  And after this past winter... it was perfect timing.  I needed time away with him, no kids, no dog, no Mom reminders.   Just us...  (Oh.. and a red headed woodpecker that stayed outside the back window as long as there was seed to be eaten)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

What are you doing on April 16th?

Late last summer I came home from work and Ron asked me," What are you doing on April 16th?"   I gave my usual response... " I do what you do, what are YOU doing on April 16th?"   He showed me the Tree House cottage website.  He'd booked us a treehouswe cabin for the weekend.   And there's trout fishing :)  and a lot of things to take pictures of.  I'm in heaven.
pictures to come.  of course.