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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hey, Wanna hear a ghost story???

(thought so)

Today I went to the Red River Revel. And no.. I didn't see a ghost at the Revel. As a matter of fact, I've personally never seen a "ghost". But while walking along I came across some art. One peice of it was a drawing of a weeping angel monument. Next to this picture, was a drawing of a small child next to his grandfather at a military gravesite. With the child saluting soldier "ghosts". Next to the picture was a flyer... telling the story and how very small children are pure of heart and open minded and see things others do not. This was all very poignant for me.

Here is why:

About 10 years ago, I live in Marshall, Texas. My Jake's dad lives in Blanchard, so I traveled Blanchard-Latex Rd alot. Along that road is a cemetery. I could barely see a beautiful monument from the road of a "weeping angel". I'd pulled in a couple times to get a better look, but never left my truck. I was drawn to the monument... and wanted to photograph it. (obviously my facination with photographing cemeteries is not so new...)

So, one spring afternoon after work, I pick Jacob up from his fathers and headed home. The weather was nice and I had my camera with me, so I decided to go go photograph the monument.

I get Jake out of his car seat and set him on the ground. I get my little camera and began walking into the gate. Jake runs off ahead. I could see the entire cemetery from the entrance, there were no other vehicles, I had not told Jake where we were, so I was OK with him running ahead.

I turned left on the path to walk toward the monument. The weather was slightly overcast. Jake stayed straight but was skipping and happy... so I kept going. I took this picture as I walked forward (these are the actual pictures I took that day):

I check Jake and he's running back and forth on the path... giggling.
Odd, I thought.  But he seemed to be having fun.

I continue toward the angel. Things get a bit darker and the wind picks up. I take another picture. And start getting an uneasy feeling.

                        (notice it's a bit darker in this picture than the last... )

I see Jake is talking... to no one. He's laughing and playing and TALKING... to no one. I yell at him, "Jacob, come here!" He ignores me... and keeps talking and running in circles around some monuments. I yell, "Jacob, come to Mommy RIGHT NOW!"

Jake responds," But I want to play with the kids!"

I can't even begin to describe the feeling this gave me... I begin a fast walk toward him and demand he come to me NOW! He is still talking... I don't hear his heart was pounding in my own ears. He turns and comes trotting to me... but keeps looking behind him.
"Mommy, I wanted to play with the kids." Me,"What kids?" Jake said ,"Them kids!" and point to... nothing.

I swoop him up over my right shoulder and run... and I do mean RUN to my truck. As he waves and says,"Byyyyyye" over my shoulder.

My heart was racing as I fastened him in his seat with him trying to see past me to the cemetery. As I am pulling away.... He asks,"Can we come back and play one day?" I lied. "Yeah baby... one day."
I did NOT question Jacob on what he saw. I didn't want to know. I still don't.

BUT... I do plan on going back there and photographing that monument again. Only this time, I'm not taking a 3yr old. I'm taking my 24yr old son, He promises me he won't play with the ghost kids... even if they ask nicely.


  1. Awesome story, where on Blanchard Latex is the cemetery? I enjoy reading your blog...

  2. It's on the Texas side.... well past the latex exit.. it's on the side of the highway to the right. ANd thanks.. I enjoy writing it.. it's my life