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Monday, May 30, 2011

Love to go see Ron's family in South Louisiana

This is usually a street.
The water was up...   10ft above normal in the Atchafalaya River.  You can see the river from my in-laws house.   But this past weekend.. the seawall blocked the view.    The good news is the seawalls and the levees have held up.    We went to the Berwick seawall to see the view.

The Aychafalaya River was swollen and rapid.   
 The birds were hitching rides on the debris.   Whole trees, root ball and all, floated by.   Many were visiting the seawall on both sides of the river, Morgan City and Berwick.

We went for a drive and saw the various ways people were protecting their land.     I love South Louisiana.  It is a unique place.  Love hearing the accent of an older cajun men in the Pierre Part store discussing how the fishing is going.    I am so glad the levees have held.  

My in-laws live in Berwick.   They are genuine, good people.   They have worked hard all their lives and raised their kids.   And now they work with ceramics and... enjoy retirement.    The backyard is a wonderland.  plants.... flowers, vegetable garden, ceramic charaters here and there, antiques, and a windmill here and there.   Jake likes it there.   So do I.   It's a calm place, their back yard.  
With everything going on this past year, we haven't been there since last September.  We went for the 2010 Shrimp and Petroleum Festival...  I blogged about it here .     That's the longest we've gone without going home to see everyone since we've been married.   I had major withdrawels.    Something about down there.. I can't describe... but it just feels like home.   
We also got to see Jennifer's family.    Sooooooo love my grandson.    He's so smart and witty.    And handsome.

I'm ready to go back already.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Can I just brag about my day?

This morning Jake and I went to chimp haven... enjoyed using my zoom lens and photographing the chimps.   If you don't know.. it's a "retirement center" for chimpanzees that have been used in lab testing.   No biggie, these chimps just helped scientists discover diabetic medications, HIV treatments, etc,...  Some were rescue chimps from being illegally kept as a pet.     These chimps were given these diseases so that WE, the people would have treatment.   So I'm all for them having a place to relax after all they've been through in their life.   The facilities are nicer than when I went a few years ago.   Nice improvements.   That time, Mom went with Jake and I... she was as in awe as a 4yr old kid!   :)  Go to to find out more.   The video on the home page explains what all they do for the chimps there. 

On the way home we stopped by the Northwest Louisiana Veterans cemetery.  I think it's important for Jake to see how many people gave their time to this country.   To never take our military for granted.   And remember that they do this voluntarily... sacrifice so much for  Americans to live safer.

                After gassing up (OMG! I wish my truck ran on whole milk, at least it's cheaper) and washing the truck, Jake and I went to the Boardwalk and  in search of lunch.   Jake didn't want to go to the Italian place...   I was surprised, because I knew he liked that food.   Finally, he admitted it was because he was afraid it would make me think of my mom (she loved Italian).   He said "if you DO think of her.. think of happy times".   What a deep kid, huh?   

We did some shopping, went to Bass Pro Shop (love,love that place) then went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie (yes... it was good).  

Since then, I've come home, posted my chimp pics and grocery shopped.   I'm tired.   BUT... not exhausted.   It occurred to me today, months ago... I couldn't have done so much in one day.  I physically couldn't have done it and after Mom passed, I emotionally couldn't have done so much.    So, yeah.. I had a great Mom and son day.   When he was little, we called them "dates".    He won't let me call it that    After a fun day with Jake, I come home to my honey, my hero.

       I'm grateful for so much in my life.   A husband that loves me and spoils me a bit (ok.. a lot!), kids that are progressing... My Jake to high school, Ryan to 2nd level on nursing school, Blake earns his first degree in December, Jenn's doing well.. (miss Matt a bunch.. a whole bunch) and a wonderful work family.   But I thought of Mom too... like Jake told me.. I thought of happy thoughts. How lucky am I?  To have even had her... to have had her devotion all those years?   God must like me.  :)   Cause he blessed me from birth. (not that God doesn't like you if you had a crappy I'm only bragging about my  

And to top it all off.. the world didn't even end today! (yet)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

God help us all

WHY,WHY, WHY are we picking on our friend, Isreal?      Obama does NOT speak for US.  He speaks for himself.  Yet, we choose to continue funding a country that harbored a terrorist who masterminded the murder of 3000 American lives?   And we put ourselves further in debt to China to do so.    So.. how does this end?   We are at China's mercy.  We lose a great allie.   I am rarely "politically angry".  I am reasonable about politics.   And well aware of what I can (I vote) and can't control.  But... this... has me fuming.    1967 lines?   Isreal would die.   They are our last "powerful" alliance.   It's a sad day for Jewish people everywhere.  The disrespect and destruction of our promise to them.   GRRR!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

"Ray, I'm not sure she should join the Air Force because she lost a bet"

We were at Bass Pro Shop last night.   The guy in line in front of us was from Germany.    Our cashier, Ray was about 18 years old.  A young, handsome kid with a cute personality. Ray wanted to talk to the German about recruiting for the Air Force.   He kept asking the guy about recruiting for the Air Force and why was he here visiting our base.   The German guy was confused as to why the checkers was asking him for his zip code, much less how to join the American Air Force.   Ray had a cute personality, but he didn't "get it".   Ron had the "look" on his face.   lol    just knew he was about to bust this kids chops, bubble, something... if this conversation kept going in circles with them too. 

I finally said, "Ray... This man may be here in our country for some top secret sh*t and you're blowing his cover".     Eveeryone laughed (the German understood THAT and they wrapped up the purchase.    Our items were on sale on the internet, but not in the store, so we had to wait for the manager to approve the alternate pricing.   While waiting, Ray explained to me that him and his girlfriend want to join the Air Force.

I asked Ray, "So, you BOTH want to join the Air Force?"    He says, well, I do... I'm making her"   Huh?  "Well, she lost a bet.." I said, " Oh.. well that should work out well".   Ray says, "yeah, it will" (sarcasm completly lost on him).    I said ,"Ray, I'm not sure she should join the Air Force because she lost a bet".   He says,"Well, I bet her when she'd graduate school and I won" I liked this kid.   My husband just sits there and and shakes his head at me teasing this kid.    I said," Ray, are you in school?"  ( I liked over-using his name like a car salesman does...ha ).   He said,"yeah I start in a few weeks" I said,"college?" He said,"Well.... college... slash... other stuff".    I said,"Ray.... you know community service don't count as college, huh?"     He laughed and assured me it wasn't community service.   Then he clarified that it was a GED class.   I laughed and said, "It's ok I'm a GED girl, too.   I'm from Cedar Grove, 72nd street, but, then I went to college.."      He says,"East or West?" (Now... only someone from the Grove knows what this means)  I said "West".    He then lets me know that I live around the corner from him... I got tickled and said, "No Ray, I'm 'from' there.. I don't live there. Thats why you get your GED and go to school or join the Air Force... so you can live where you don't have bars on the window"   He laughed and said," I like my neighborhood".    I said, "Ray... the operative word there is 'hood'".    We left Ray still laughing. I liked this kid.. and his desire to join the Air Force and complete his education. He had ambition and goals (even though his gf is joining the Air Force on a lost bet...). Ray has a future.   

My husband lets me know as we leave,"Ray had enough trouble checking us out without you jacking with him".    HA!    I can't help it.  I like people.   I won't even tell you about me flirting with the 90 yr old man I'd flirted with just 30 minutes prior to meeting Ray.   :)