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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Candy Crush Recovery...


Hi. My name is Jo and I am a Candy Crush addict. It’s been 156days since I last played.

I was in deep. I can remember.. That feel of power when I leveled up, the disappointment when I didn’t, and the way I pumped my fist in the air when I finally got through a really tough level. My BFF Ronnie got me hooked on the stuff… one day an innocent “please just play one time so I can pass to the next level” was all it took. I guess I was vulnerable in my need to be liked, my curiosity as to what had captured this intelligent man so much and it had the word “Candy” in it…. CANDY! Before I knew it.. I was playing daily… I never went to sleep without those little pieces of candy dancing in my head. I had it bad.. The Candy Crush Fever.

One morning… I woke early for work.. It was 4am. I’d been struggling to level up. So I… (please don’t judge) … purchased “extras” to make it through my level. I know… I KNOW! When I saw the charge on my I Tunes bill… That was MY rock bottom. I’m too frugal for this addiction.

I don’t judge you for continuing yours though… I just worry. I see you on FB…begging for lives… your little cartoon notifications on your FB status of how you leveled up. I know all too well the side effects… Your husband saying,” Tell me you are not playing that game” and your kids hungry but you “let me finish this game first” . Your fingers tingling from constant candy play. Trying to figure out if it is strategy or just dumb luck to the whole thing.

Now.. With all my extra time, I’m a more productive member of society. No longer playing reindeer games while waiting on my food at a restaruant, watching the 10 o’clock news or using the restroom (Oh.. Don’t even pretend to judge.. You know you do that!) NOW… I browse Reddit, People of Wal-mart, and stalk you (and your friends) on FaceBook. No more do I think of the lil crush of hard candy or soft dissipation of jellies, the satisfaction of unlocking a sweet treat…. and oh.. The crumble of chocolate blocks. *sigh*

I do wonder though… how many levels ARE there in Candy Crush.. And are the makers struggling to keep up with the addicts leveling up?

  And is it 12 steps to my recovery?   Or more...

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