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Monday, January 31, 2011

What Would Mom Do?

My mom was “Aunt Audrey” to many. But, especially to her friend Becky’s kids and grandchildren. She loved them as her own. Mom would play Bingo (winning 50cents a game) and save the money to buy those kids Christmas presents. She loved those babies.

One of the grandkid’s name is Rex. He’s 9 years old. A very intelligent child.  And a beautiful soul.  And he loves his Aunt Audrey. Much.

After Mom's memorial service, Becky came up to me with Rex. He stood there looking up at me with tears spilling down his cheeks behind his gold rimmed glasses, bottom lip trembling.    I could tell he wanted something. Becky whispers in my ear, “Rex wants some of his Aunt Audrey’s ashes”. “His mom told him he couldn’t ask you…. Jo Ellen, he insisted on bringing a Ziplock baggie.”

What would Mom do?

This is a no-brainer.

“Jo Ellen, give that baby some ashes!"

So, I bent over and told Rex, that not today, but when I open the urn to spread Aunt Audrey’s ashes, I’d save him some.   And I told him his Aunt Audrey would want him to have them and that she loved him very much and would be honored.

Rex, looked so relieved... swallowed back his tears, ran to his Mom’s purse and brought back a Ziplock baggie.

He handed it to me and I shook his hand and promised him I’d get back to him with it. He hugged me.

An odd request? The ashes? Odd, that I’d “share” them with a 9 year old? You’d have to known my Mom. She’s have had it no other way.

I will honor my promise to one of “Aunt Audrey’s” babies.

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