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Sunday, March 3, 2013

No news is good news?

Sooooo... It's been a while.
Life has treated me well.

My God bias smiled over me and kept me safe and warm.  

Since my last blog:
Ron was promoted to arson investigator for the Louisiana State Fire
Marshals office.   He's just the same romantic alpha male he ever was. B I like this.  That I know him.   I am so safe in his arms.  

My Blake is still taking courses and living in recovery.    He has started a business... He assembles custom electric guitar pedals.    It's kept him busy.   :-).    There is a link to it on my Facebook.  

My step, Ryan, is in nursing school and on track to graduate this year.   He's such a good young man. Has great integrity, like his father,.    He and Sarah have been together 8 years...  They are doing well.    

My step Matt has been working hard.   He will have to face a past mistake a s I pray that has a great outcome.   Because spiritually and maturity wise....he's at a great place.  

My stepgurl Jennifer is doing well,... Haven't spoke but we have that relationship that picks back up if it has been two days or two months since we talked.    She stays active in her fight against lupus .     And our grand baby Hayden is brilliant as ever.

My jake...... Has a girlfriend.    (Sigh).   They text til the can see each other , than Skype in between that.   They are quite smitten.    Not much else to say.    She's a very pretty and smart young lady.    I like her.

We lost Ron's father last year.    That was not easy.  And Relode and Roxie passed.  

In October we got a boy boykin pup ... His name is Remi.   And he's a messssss.  He and Bella have kept this place active.

My heart is full and lucky
I am still a CASA volunteer and doing photography.    At the pace I like.
Was sick this week, along with the Bear... Was no fun.... But only temporary.
There .... Ill do better this year.

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