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Friday, November 11, 2011

I protest that you protest!

I am really trying to wrap my mind around this... the students of Penn State are PROTESTING the firing of their beloved coach. The man is a legend. No doubt. However, Paterno KNEW his assistant couch showered with and molested a 10yr old boy and he didn't inform the police. So lets protest his firing?

Wait, what?

1. The law: each state has laws about "required reporting" of suspected sexual abuse. IN this falls, police, teachers, COACHES, medical personel, day care workers, etc,... We don't have a "choice". It has to be reported. When we report it to our superiors, they TOO are now obligated to assure it's reported. (Which leaves me asking, why hasn't the other asst coach, McQueary, been fired?.. he witnessed and failed to follow the law as well)

2. My child would never be allowed a "sleepover" at a grown man's house. The request for such a thing would send up an immediate red flag.

3. WHO are the protesters? Well.. I can tell you who they aren't. They are NOT parents. They certainly are NOT the parents of a 10yr old boy that was seen in the shower with Sandusky. They are NOT the parents of the children that were abused PAST that point. I'd like to ask these young adult protesters in about 10 years... after they've held their own child in their hands. AFTER they've felt that overwhelming love and compassion and fierce parental protectiveness in their heart, "SHOULD Coach Paterno have been fired immediately?"  You'd hear a different answer than they are giving today. You don't have to be a parent to have morals and ethics and be law abiding.   Or to see a great injustice was done to these kids, but I think it helps.

4. Why am I discussing Paterno and McQueary and not Sandusky? Sandusky is a pedophile. I can't tell you how it turns my stomach, wrenches my gut and breaks my heart that children were abused. And Sandusky will pay. On this earth and after he leaves it. Blaming Sandusky is a given. Who do I blame for him being allowed to continue sexually abusing these little boys? The other coaches, the administrators. His "punishment" was not being able to bring kids back to the campus. WOW. Seriously think of this... So... we won't report to authorities that you were observed violating a 10yr old boy, just please don't do that HERE on our campus!

5. I "get" Paterno is a legend. I do. And his career will forever be tarnished. But.. be assured, he KNEW the law. As wonderful of a coach as he may have been... his inaction to alert authorities allowed a pedophile to continue abusing children. Would Coach Paterno or Caoch McQueary have let Sandusky near THEIR sons or grandsons? The man used a charity to find kids who needed attention (a pedophiles perfect target) and Coach Paterno knew this. Perterno may be a hero to some college kids... but he FAILED the future and past victims of Sandusky. They all had a responsibility and obligation to report this. They didn't. So fire them all. No last game. No honor.

6. I want to protest all the protesting. We live in the greatest country ever and people are out there protesting things they don't have and aren't owed. There are people using Iphones to protest corporate greed. Does this not seem ironic to anyone else? Americans should be grateful for the things we DO have... not protesting the things we don't. Now, the people of Darfur? THEY got some **** to be protesting.

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