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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Takes a lot to insult me... but it CAN be done

First thing is... you have to know me to insult me, right?   I mean.... in general... strangers are just that... strangers.   They don't KNOW me well enough to hurt my feelings.  Usually for me to take "offense" it's from being spoke down to.     That gets my goat (well.. you know.. IF I had a goat... it would get it... and I guess that would anger me, right?)!!!!  

So... I was offended by a friend.   How?.... you ask (or you may  But... it's my blog.. we all know I'm saying anyway!)?

I was explaining a volunteer thing I'm doing. (which I'd like to blog about once I complete the training process and began the volunteer work.   It's about advocacy for abused children.   Kids are my heart.   My soft spot.)    While describing my hours of evening training and the volunteer role to a friend and she says (in ALL seriousness), "But, I thought you were a republican!"

Oh, Wow. 

I know, The resemblence of me and Pochohonas is uncanny, right?  ;)

Here's the thing... I don't PUSH my politics on people.  Nor will I debate my belief system with someone.  I don't have to defend it.   It is based on my experiences, research and "take" on the issues.   And I won't take the bait and "answer" to anyone as to WHY I think this way.    You see... I really AM passionate about it.    Could I defend myself?   Well.. shhhhhaaaaaaa!   But, I would rather keep a friend than draw lines in the sand.   It's the "cup half full" part of me.   I prefer smiles and hugs over sneers and jeers. (This can annoy people.. I know)    My Mom and I didn't discuss politics.   And I love her more than chocolate.

So... I cared about this friend's opinion... obviously.  And was surprised at this comment.   I didn't even KNOW her political views.  Nor had I ever assumed to know them.

Me,"What?  Ha!   You're joking, right?"
Her,"No... I don't understand.  Don't republicans hate poor people and all free programs"
Me,"I'm more conservative than republican...   but political party has NOTHING to do with this."
Her,"Well... most republicans are rich"
Me,"I am NOT rich.  and was raised poor"
Her,"Yeah... so how did you become a republican then?"

I disengaged from the conversation.    And I resisted her urging me to explain WHY I believed as I do.      My name isn't Bill O'Rielly... I don't have a show on FOX News.   Therefore, I don't feel the need to explore your politics with you or justify mine. 

Don't look at a person's political party, religion, race, job, tattoos, clothes, etc... and assume to know what's in their heart.  

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