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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ummmmmmmmmm.... I GOT QUESTIONS!!!

I'm reading over my last blog post and look at pictures of Mom... and I'm looking at this picture:
Does anyone else notice something weird in this picture?   Other than the Budweiser     SURELY our family didn't have beer at family functions.   OK... back on track.

Let me zoom this for ya:

EXIBIT B (a zoom of exibit A)

UMMMMMMM.... Hello!   That is my Mom's LEFT hand and her RING finger... I'm calling on ALL my older cousins NOW!!!     Mom was never married, RIGHT?  

Maybe she was a nun and was married to Jesus?   Naaaa... she's a Willis... no way
 Man, I bet them Willis sisters knew... they all carried each other's secrets to their graves...

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